Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gritty Scottish Rockers THE BROKEN RAVENS Release New Track "My Shrine"

Gritty, hard rocking five-piece THE BROKEN RAVENS hail from the sleepy Gaelic-speaking town of Stornoway on the Scottish Isle of Lewis - a rocky outcrop in the Atlantic Ocean with no other land between it and America, and quite possibly the most unlikely of birthing grounds for an emerging rock n' roll group. Not to be dissuaded by geographical location, THE BROKEN RAVENS are working to surpass their limitations with their upcoming self-titled EP, set to release this fall.

THE BROKEN RAVENS are metal enough for metalheads, rocky enough for toe tappers, melodic enough to infect the ear of the casual listener, and are prepped to follow in the footsteps of fellow influential Scottish rockers such as Jack Bruce (Cream), Bon Scott, the Young brothers (AC/DC), Biffy Clyro, Shirley Manson (Garbage), David Byrne (Talking Heads), Nazareth, Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy) and many others.

Several tracks on the EP boast the strong sonic influence of bands such as Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden, with a serious nod towards thrash metal. You can hear that influence in the EP's first single, "My Shrine", which is streaming in full now exclusively via

The band states, "My Shrine all started with a riff our guitarist Thrash wrote and is based on a true story that our bassist Lotto heard about and worked the lyrics round. "The perfect partner and the perfect predator" - it's about a husband that comes across as the perfect partner, while stalking his wife, to the point she is living in fear, not knowing it's him. His world revolves around her, obsessing about her until he gets to a point where he kills her, his obsession turns to rage. He was the last one to be suspected as came across as the perfect partner. He got caught!"

The band's new EP follows two previously released music videos and a single, which garnered the band enough attention to bring them across the water to the U.K. for live performances and a headline tour in 2015 (while donned with kilts, of course). Received well by critics and peers, the "foot stomping, head banging, fire ball of fuzz" have amassed a solid fanbase, great reviews, praise from peers within the industry and international radio play.

THE BROKEN RAVENS have scheduled their very first foray into international touring with a U.S. performance on November 18th with Puddle of Mudd at the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA.

The band continues, "When we sent our demo's away, we had a great response, especially from the USA. As crazy as it sounds, given the geographical nightmare (it takes almost a day to reach any major Scottish city from our present location in Lewis), we are aiming for a full US tour."

Stay tuned for more coming from THE BROKEN RAVENS soon.

Geordie Kieffer Releases Official Music Video for “Red Line”

The infamously sexy and comedic imagination of LA’s agro-pop wiz-kid, Geordie Kieffer, has culminated in a delightfully twisted new video for his newest single, “Red Line” which premiered via Myspace.

The singer-songwriter/producer, as well as Georgetown University postgraduate, has been working diligently to literally recreate this video — he explains, “One of my friends who happened to be in [the first version] got a big time movie deal and her agents wouldn’t let us put out ‘Red Line.’ Too graphic, not the right image. Therefore, we needed to start fresh with a new director, producer, et cetera.”

The video for “Red Line,” unlike its beloved precursor, “Tastes Like Chocolate,” is shot in a stark black-and-white, drawing a sharp contrast between the good and the evil within its three-minute running time. “This video was a fucking ball. I mean, who doesn’t like drugs, violence, and cake?!” Geordie posits. “Unlike ‘Tastes Like Chocolate,’ this video was shot very quickly. We had a concept that we liked and we wanted to get it done. My mom hates it, but she still loves me.”

As the video’s monochromatic veil might suggest, “Red Line” has the music and lyrical content to coincide, as well as launch Geordie’s career. He notes, “I remember that the first thing that got laid down was that raggedly harsh synth. I knew some people wouldn’t dig it, but for me, it was love at first listen. I knew the song had to be hard as fuck to keep up with that synth bass, so I guess I just started screaming about the accolades and pitfalls of American society, [and] in essence, a macro look at my own micro character defects. I think it was here, writing and recording ‘Red Line,’ that I finally found my voice. I found Agro-Pop. I was like, ‘Shit! I don’t have to sing all airy soft and sweet! I can scream and yell and fuck shit up and still have it be melodic and catchy. Well goddamn, I’m in!'”

The music video for “Red Line” was produced by John Conaboy and Geordie Kieffer, and directed by Sela Shiloni.

HUNTER & THE BEAR - ‘OH DAISY’, Released: 9th September 2016

‘Oh Daisy’ is the brilliant new single from Hunter & The Bear, a band currently setting the gold standard of the contemporary UK rock scene. From quality airtime on taste-maker Bob Harris’s BBC Radio 2 show, to an unbeatable slot supporting Eric Clapton on his recent arena tour, the band’s deft employment of hard rock riffs and melodic song-craft has seen them championed by some of the biggest names of the rock and roll canon. One of only a handful of contemporary bands with the requisite musicianship to rejuvenate the UK’s proud heritage of guitar led music, ‘Oh Daisy’ is the latest indication that Hunter & The Bear have not only taken up the baton but have run away with it.

A knockout hit of power and emotion, ‘Oh Daisy’ delivers as much force in its electrifying instrumentation as it does in its anthemic chorus. All the band’s celebrated hallmarks are there: the bold and biting guitar tones; the richly textured harmonies; and of course the epic and soaring melodies that are confidently delivered by front man Will Irvine, a singer who possesses true vocal maturity.

The single resonates with the particular energy of a band who, in true rock and roll fashion, honed their talent on the road. One of the hardest working bands around, Hunter & The Bear have spent most of their time together tirelessly gigging across the country, setting venues alight at each and every stop. Between their acclaimed festival performances at Reading, Leeds, and Loopallu and their sell out ‘Highlands and Islands’ tour, in recent years the band have accumulated a vocal legion of fans that are as enthusiastic as they are loyal.

As much as the band’s roots run deep in the traditions and timbres of rock and country, ‘Oh Daisy’ has all the qualities of a modern classic. Rather than chasing the limelight or aping the latest trends, Hunter & The Bear have found a fresh sound and dedicated following by staying true to great music that inspired them. ‘Oh Daisy’ shows Hunter & The Bear doing what they do best: creating exciting, breathless, organic rock that lights the fire in your belly and stirs the soul.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mortiis: New Free d/l single+video "Geisteskrank" + Live Dates

OSLO - Mortiis will issue the fourth free download single, "Geisteskrank," in support of The Great Deceiver on August 26. The song, which is actually a non-album track, began as a remix of The Great Deceiver's "The Shining Lamp of God" before eventually mutating into its own song.

Download the single + video here.

"Geisteskrank" made its debut earlier this year as the soundtrack for Norwegian Grindhouse filmmaker Reinert Kiil's short film Vardøger. The track has never been available for download until now.

"The original title of 'The Shining Lamp of God' was 'Zeitgeist' in its embryonic stages, and we eventually changed it," Mortiis said. "When 'Geisteskrank' took form, it sort became this nod towards those early stages of that song, title wise if nothing else. Eventually Reinert Kiil began his mini film trilogy, and wanted to use 'Geisteskrank' as the soundtrack for the first part, and that´s how it made its debut, so to speak." Kiil's Vardøger film will also be included in the free download.

The Great Deceiver, Mortiis' ninth full-length album, was released earlier this year via Omnipresence. Musically, The Great Deceivercontinues along the winding path that Mortiis' two-decade career has taken, mixing together aggressive guitar-driven crossover metal with industrial-type electronics, for a record that could easily be considered the most accessible in Mortiis' catalog.

Mortiis Live in October:

21.10 Phantoms of Pilsen Festival, Pilsen, Czech Republic
22.10 Club From Hell, Erfurt, Germany
23.10 Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Ireland


BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - the hard rock/metal heavyweights now signed to Search and Destroy / Spinefarm Records whose spectacular global success has seen them fly the British flag from dizzying heights - have added a further 5 dates to their headline UK tour this Nov/Dec due to high demand.

Having sold-out London, Birmingham and 2 dates in Manchester, there will now be extra shows in London, Birmingham and other cities to ensure that fans across the whole of the UK have the opportunity to experience what is sure to be a truly memorable tour...

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE will perform their classic 2005 debut album, 'The Poison', from beginning to end across all newly announced shows, plus the second (already sold out) night in Manchester. See details below.

Playing 'The Poison' in full on selected dates only*

24 Centre, Newport
25 O2 Academy, Bournemouth (Just Added) *
27 O2 Academy, Newcastle
28 O2 Academy, Sheffield (Just Added) *
30 O2 Academy, Glasgow
01 Inverness, Ironworks (Just Added) *
03 Academy, Manchester SOLD OUT
04 Academy, Manchester * SOLD OUT
06 O2 Academy, Birmingham SOLD OUT
07 O2 Academy, Birmingham (Just Added) *
09 O2 Academy, Brixton, London SOLD OUT
10 O2 Academy, Brixton, London(Just Added) *

Killswitch Engage & Cane Hill will appear as Special Guests across the whole tour.