Friday, 30 January 2015

FROM INDIAN LAKES Release video for 'Awful Things' and confirm first UK show at The Great Escape

Californian Indie rockers, From Indian Lakes have just revealed a new, haunting video from their latest album, entitled, 'Awful Things'.

FROM INDIAN LAKES released their incredible new album 'Absent Sounds' through Triple Crown Records, on October 6th '14!

The band have also just been confirmed for their very first UK performance at Brighton's, The Great Escape festival, which will be a long awaited performance for themselves and their UK fans!

A little about the band – Hailing from Yosemite National Park, California, From Indian Lakes were created in 2007 under the masterful mind of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi. He grew up on a mountain in Yosemite, CA, and a lack of electricity meant Vanucchi instead, turned his hand to learning and exploring the sounds of a multitude of instruments, creating the beautiful sound the band have crafted together today. The band has since fully expanded to include Justin Stanphill (guitar and vocals), Chris Kellogg (bass and vocals), Tohm Ifergan (drums), and Enrique Gutierrez (keys and vocals).

Their debut album, 'The Man With Wooden Legs' was released in 2009 and was quickly followed up by a fan favourite, 'Acoustic EP', which Joey recorded and mixed in a home studio. After a few years of writing, touring, and building their fan base, they released 'Able Bodies' in November 2013. The album took the music scene by storm and remains in high acclaim by countless sites, magazines, blogs, and of course, their fans.

‘Absent Sounds’ will be the band’s first album since signing to Triple Crown Records in 2013. From Indian Lakes explore what it means to be alive throughout the album; 'Sleeping Limbs,' is an echoing and ethereal song that asks, 'What’s the point to this?' Meanwhile 'Am I Alive,' uses sweet and lilting melodies to lift the mood.

On the release of ‘Absent Sounds,’ Vannucchi tells us: "To me this album feels like finally sleeping at night, or the first sigh of relief after good news. With a label behind the band, it is a record that wasn't constrained by time, or other things that usually get in the way of ones vision. I always felt like no matter what I did, being in a studio had to always be "Here's a guitar and a drum-set kid, you've got x amount of time", but this time it was about making the songs sound exactly like they did in my head, no matter how long it took. Having no regrets about an album is an incredible feeling."

Track listing:

1. Come In This Light 2. Label This Love 3. Breathe Desparately 4. Sleeping Limbs 5. Am I Alive 6. Ghost 7. Awful Things 8. Runner 9. Search For More 10. Fog


Joey Vannucchi Justin Stanphill Chris Kellogg Enrique Gutierrez

KORPIKLAANI Re-sign to Nuclear Blast & announce new album

Finnish Folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI are pleased to announce that they have inked a new deal with Nuclear Blast for their forthcoming new album, entitled ‘Noita’, which is set for release in May 2015.

‘Noita’ was recorded at Petrax Studio with Aksu Hanttu handling production, recording and mixing again. It will also be the first album to feature new accordion player Sami Perttula, who has been playing a very active role in the folk arrangements along with fiddler Tuomas Rounakari.

Bassplayer Jarkko Aaltonen comments: “’Noita’ in the traditional Finnish meaning is different than what people associate it with nowadays. ‘Noita’ is a person with wider knowledge and understanding of the nature and who also was believed to possess paranormal or unnatural abilities. These people were often also referred to as ‘Tietäjä’, that exactly means someone with wider knowledge and understanding of pretty much everything. Native American medicine man is pretty much the same thing or actually all the different types of Shamans of the primitive peoples are the same thing. ‘Noita’ is someone that you turn to when you need help of some kind. Finnish ‘Noita’ had the ability to heal, just like their North American counterparts. They were very respected members of the society. Only later Christianity changed the word to mean something negative since those people were considered rivals by the church. Even in Finland this turned into a Witchhunt (=noitavaino) every now and then. Anyway, most people using Google Translate or similar will find the word ‘Witch’ and will probably get a bit wrong idea of the meaning, since most will probably connect it with the black sabbaths, devil marks and such, when a way more correct translation would probably be medicine man or Shaman.”

‘Noita’ will also be the first KORPIKLAANI album featuring new accordionist Sami Pertulla, he comments: “Previously the KORPIKLAANI albums were played with a piano-accordion and now I play with a traditional button-accordion which was more widely used in Finland anyways. In the arrangements you can hear more tonal harmonies and folky accompaniments combined to the power-chords than before. It actually boosts up the uplifting feel of our music.”

Violinist Toumas Rounakari also comments: “This album has more violin solos than ever before. Violin is more in the role of a lead-guitar now just as Jonne had originally intended it to be.”

And vocalist Jonne Järvelä concludes: “We have finally managed to create the balance between folk and metal in the way I’ve always dreamt it to be. Thanks to Sami’s arrangements and Tuomas’s crazy shredding of the violin.”

KORPIKLAANI are set to play Bloodstock Festival in Catton Park, Derbyshire this August alongside ENSLAVED, SEPULTURA, OVERKILL, SABATON and more.

KORPIKLAANI’s latest album ‘Manala’ was released August 2012 via Nuclear Blast.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

AGNOSTIC FRONT Comment on songs from their new album

New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT have released a full track by track commentary for every song on the band's forthcoming album, ‘The American Dream Died’. Find the piece written by the band's iconic frontman Roger Miret below.

The band also announced the collaboration of legendary AGNOSTIC FRONT/MADBALL guitarist Matt Henderson on the song 'A Wise Man'. Miret commented: "Matt Henderson tracked all guitars for 'A Wise Man' being that song has a total ‘One Voice’ era feel! Our good friend Ricky Singh (BACKTRACK NYHC) is to credit for the songs existence! The band executed it with such a great feel and bringing in our brother and ex-AF veteran Matt Henderson to solely do the guitar tracks was just magical!"

The American Dream Died: “It’s a harsh look at what’s going on today in our society. The intro that precedes this song says it all! It’s a reaction to everything happening around us right now. The higher ups are out of control!”

Police Violence: “This is our reaction to what’s going on in our country regarding the unprovoked brutality of our citizens by those who we pay to "protect and serve" us. If they are going to act like criminals, then they should be prosecuted as one! They have some kind of elite fraternity-like understanding that they protect each other with. Don't abuse your badge!”

Only In America: “It's sad to learn that the people who serve in our military and risk their lives fighting in wars come home to the government not giving a shit about them, especially if those veterans were wounded mentally or physically. They gotta go through a lot of bullshit just to try and get a little help and support. You've gotta be blind if you don't see that, only in America. This is why I strongly believe the US Government should stop policing the world, and start caring for the issues right here in the USA!”

Test Of Time: “Learning from the past is important, to help you move forward and not make the mistakes we did in our youth. Longevity is the key to success. We won't get left behind.”

We Walk The Line: “It’s a statement of who we are and how we live in relation to the hardcore community.”

Never Walk Alone: “We always spoke about unity and how sticking together will help us grow as scene. Hardcore is worldwide now. This is our scene, our passion and it was great to present this song with honorable NYHC veteran's Freddy Cricien (MADBALL), Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL) joining on the anthemy chorus!!! Punk rock/Hardcore is a movement it's not an image!”

Enough Is Enough: “Protest song! I once read an inspiring quote that went like this "I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical" - Thomas Jefferson.”

I Can't Relate: “Dealing with different people you don’t like in different situations. Could be applied to a boss, ex-girlfriend, someone who lives a completely opposite lifestyle, etc.”

Old New York: “New York City has lost its edge. It's been stripped of its culture and over run by money. Making it hard for musicians and artist to live there. Now we're surrounded by transplants and rich hipsters. Let's face it, it's not the NYC I once adored. That one is so well documented in one of my favorite movies Taxi Driver! Hence the intro, I Miss The Old New York.”

Social Justice: “Nothing is more disgusting than hearing about a grown man rapping a child. This song talks about a man who got caught in the act and was served street justice stabbed with knives from his head to his toes. Justice served!”

Reasonable Doubt: “Our whole lives we’ve been criminalized for one reason or another. But it’s actually the media, the corporations and the government who are the scumbags. Power to the people standing up against them. Wake the fuck up people!”

No War Fuck You: “Self explanatory, stop creating wars so you can justify your unlimited defense budget and make all your friends rich. Innocent people are dying for your stupid games.”

Attack!: “On some occasions people tend to disrespect and take our kindness for weakness. We have always been known for never taken shit from anyone. Cross the line and we will attack!”

A Wise Man: “Growing up in NYC living in and out of Vinnie’s apartment. Our old friend John always looked out for us like a father figure. He tried to guide us in the right direction and give us good advice. He was a wise man, a friend forever.”

Just Like Yesterday: “This song takes us on the journey through our history as a band, from touring all over the world and making friends that still remain loyal today. One of my favorite lines is "From NYC to the Berlin beat." It shows our love for those two great cities and our great world accomplishments as a hardcore comunity.”

Singer Roger Miret comments further: "We chose this title cause we want to open up people's eyes to what's going on in this country. We have a lot to say. Not everyone realizes that our government and the people who run this country are so corrupt, greedy and ruthless. We need to educate the ones we reach. We're losing our values. We address real issues from full blown corruption and scandals to unjust police abuse and brutality. Everything's we stood for as a country is going down the drain. But we still somewhat have our freedom of speech. We're expressing it all through this record while we can."

‘The American Dream Died’ was produced by MADBALL singer Freddy Cricien and engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (H2O, TERROR) and will be released 6th April 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record will feature guest appearances by Cricien, Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL).

‘The American Dream Died’ tracklisting reads as follows:

01. Intro 02. The American Died 03. Police Violence 04. Only In America 05. Test Of Time 06. We Walk The Line 07. Never Walk Alone feat. Freddy Cricien, Toby Morse & Lou Koller 08. Enough Is Enough 09. I Can't Relate 10. Old New York 11. Social Justice 12. Reasonable Doubt 13. No War Fuck You 14. Attack! 15. A Wise Man feat. Matt Henderson on guitar 16. Just Like Yesterday

Dope Stars Inc to Release New Album "TeraPunk"

January 29th 2015-Cyberpunk Rockers Dope Stars Inc announce the release of their fifth album "TeraPunk"

The new album is a mix of industrial, rock and electro music with a raw punk attitude. TeraPunk is a recording that mixes real and artificial sounds such as live guitars, bass and drums meshed together with e-guitars, programmed drums & loops to create a deep cocktail of rock and electro music. The album was described by the band as a “terabyte of raw data straight to your face. A synth'n'roll perversion of real and artificial machines”

With lyrics inspired by Cyberpunk imagery and subculture Dope Stars Inc. have been mixing industrial beats, acid synths and distorted sounds with a bratty rock’n’roll sound and attitude since their foundation in may 2003. Revolver Magazine recently premiered the song "Dressed Inside Your Fear" off of TeraPunk on their website.

TeraPunk will be released on February 13th digitally and on CD March 10th through Distortion Productions.

01 - It's going to rain for you 02 - Many thanks 03 - Don't wanna know 04 - Take it 05 - Do it yourself 06 - Along with you 07 - You have no chance 08 - Dressed inside your fear 09 - Spider claw 10 - The believer

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

XI. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2015 25. & 26.07.2015 – Cologne | AMPHI EVENTPARK

Dear Amphi Fans,

after all the artists confirmed so far, the time has come to vividly work on diversity again. From Synth-Pop to Goth Rock there´s something in store for every taste. As recently requested, we put a special focus on bands that either haven´t played at Amphi before or haven´t been with us for a long time. We hope you enjoy this little bag of surprises:


It was almost 12 years ago when Andy LaPlegua, at that time already successful with Icon of Coil, returned to the path of heavy electronic music with COMBICHRIST and opened Pandora´s box, which devoured and reassembled him into iconic figure of the harsh industrial-electro scene, we came to adore so much. Hardened on the anvil of life, forged by the hammer of time, name COMBICHRIST represents its own archetype of heavy-electro, combined with an outburst of industrial-rock and hardcore elements, as recently featured on the lastest album „We love you“.

THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE are back! And how! The Canadians not only financed their new album „Superstition“ through a crowdfunding campaign, they also created a synth-rock gem, whose irresistible „drive“ is a loveletter to the 80s. It was in 2009 when leading lady Chibi and her boys took over the Amphi Festival last time. So we´re extremely happy to see them returning to the all-new Amphi for their single European festival show this summer!

As we´re with Canadian bands, why not stay for a while? With an extra-load of Rock & Roll pumping through their veins THE CREEPSHOW charged along the fast lane at breakneck speed since 2005 and settled themselves in the front row of the most popular psychobilly bands worldwide. Headlining our second open air stage, Kenda, Sick Boy and their crew will drive you into a neat little tangle-jam on Saturday evening, as THE CREEPSHOW are a live-phenomenon that knows how to kick-ass - 110%!

With HENRIC DE LA COUR we welcome another northern light. Previously known as the voice of „Yvonne“ and „Strip Music“, the charismatic Swede started a solo carreer in 2011 and constantly expands his growing fanbase with sounds and melodies that could be described best as an abysmal profession of love to the pop- & wave-culture of the 80s. Having started his musical carreer in 1993, HENRIC DE LA COUR counts to the most fascinating personalities of the swedish music scene, who inspired director Jacob Frössén to shoot a documentary about him, which got released in October 2014.

Further new in the line-up are FOLK NOIR, a.k.a. Oliver s. Tyr and Stephan Groth of Faun. Together with the enchanting exceptional voice of Livy Pear and Alexander Schulz on drums, FOLK NOIR manage to clang their folk sounds with enthralling force and intensity. Mumford & Sons meet hurdy-gurdy and lute, carrying the shady atmosphere of a Tim Burton movie onto the stages of the 21st century while the „Man In Black“ watches from above.

And the next Amphi-Premiere follows right away. This time for EUZEN. Fronted by their charming vocalist Maria Franz, the band from Copenhagen captivates the audience with a unique mixture of progressive electro-pop and nordic-folk elements. Formed in 2008, the Danes are already about to release their third album by the title „Metamorph“ in early 2015. If you look for unconventional sounds, don´t miss this very fine scandinavian band.

Impressive stage presence and multi-faceted musical activities are the specialty of SONJA KRAUSHOFER. Whether in the electronic way as part of LAI, neo-classical with Persephone or as the rock-lady in Coma Divine, the powerful-voiced Austrian pushes the limits. When, back in 2013, we asked her to perform in a short guest appearance at the ship-event „Call The Ship To Night“ last year, she was immediately passionate about the idea. The guests aboard the ship enjoyed a marvellous but way too short concert with acoustic variations and unreleased songs from the career of one of the best voices of the dark scene. So when the opportunity arose, we did not hesitate to invite SONJA KRAUSHOFER for an exclusive „da capo“ at Amphi 2015.

With ÆON SABLE yet another band gives its Amphi debut this year. Deduced from the names of their creative minds Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable, formed in 2010, the band from Essen, Germany earned a veritable reputation as psychedelic postgoth-rockers. On their latest album „Visionærs“ they impressed once more with atmospheric songs as legitimate heirs of „the great old ones“!

Last but not least a good friend of our house announced to stop by again: author CHRISTIAN VON ASTER. As some of you might have heard he´s also the creator of the famous tagline „all is Amphi“ („Alles wird Amphi“), he can´t afford to miss the natal hour of the new venue, reading some of his delightful stories.


Original weekend tickets, day tickets, combined tickets with the E-tropolis Festival and the limited premium boxes are exclusively available online for worldwide shipping at the Amphi ticket shop: .

Alternatively tickets are available at CTS/EVENTIM and the associated local box offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands:

Germany: Austria: Switzerland: Netherlands: + all associated box-offices

For further information about Amphi Festival check out our homepage at or Facebook at .


Against The Current have featured 2 members of Set It Off in their latest cover, 'Uptown Funk'! If you haven't already, check it out here:

Set It Off are about to hit the UK for a run of dates with Crown The Empire. Full dates below.

SET IT OFF (supporting Crown The Empire)

FEB 05 - London, Electric Ballroom FEB 06 - Manchester, Club Academy FEB 07 - Glasgow, Garage FEB 08 - Leeds, University FEB 10 - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms FEB 11 - Norwich. Waterfront FEB 12 - Birmingham, Asylum FEB 13 - Southampton, Mo Club FEB 14 - Bristol, Fleece

Fields Of The Nephilim playing at Eurorock 2015

We are pleased to announce that Fields of the Nephilim, the gothic rock band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1984, will be playing the festival in May. Since the band has been in the studio in 2014 to record new material, it's pretty sure you'll be able hearing fresh songs together with their hits that have influenced a whole generation of musicians.

The 3-day festival Eurorock takes place in Neerpelt, Belgium on May 14-15-16 2015.

Other bands playing include Front 242 – The Orb – ASP – Oomph! – Apoptygma Berzerk – Kant Kino – The Bellwether Syndicate – Stahlzeit – Vive La Fête – Diary of Dreams – Whispers in the shadow – Legend – Peter Hook (Celebration of Joy Division) – Tanzwut – Suicide Commando – XMH -Alien Vampires – Star Industry – Lovelorn Dolls – The Juggernauts – Lescure 13 – Stin Scatzor – Arbeid Adelt – Absolute Body Control – Crematory – Lacrimas Profundere – Asrai – Stoneman – Customs – The Crüxshadows – The Dallas Project – Monica Jeffries – The Neon Judgement with more to be announced.

There will also be a Stubru party ‘Was het nu 80,90,2000′ and a Depeche mode Party.